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We have teams based around South East QLD providing a quick response because when we talk about water damage it describes a myriad of events and all of which are possible losses caused by water leaking through burst pipes, baths overflowing, washing machines faulting, heavy or constant rain and all of it will soak into your carpets, walls, ceilings, mouldings, and more.

Results of Water Damage

End results will have to be damage such as wet and mouldy carpet, wet carpet underlay, wet sub-floors, rotting of wood, bacterial growth, the rusting of any steel fixtures and supports, breakdown of cabinet timbers and de-laminating of materials such as plywood.

Gradual Water Damage

Water damage that is not immediately obvious can deteriorate without being seen apart from the occasional whiff of something damp. And by the time you see it, the repair bill is a shock. Many people that experience water damage issues will mop up the carpets and floors with towels and perhaps turn the ceiling fan on. We know this because we have seen it so many times in the past and we know we will see it many times in the future. That WILL NOT save you from any water damage.

Unseen Water Damage

When people experience a flood regardless of size, they do not consider the fact that there is a high likelihood that water has seeped inside the wall cavities and if that is not attended to quickly and efficiently, you better be ready to shell out for new walls.

The same applies to your ceilings. You will not know that there is moisture in your ceilings until the paint starts to stain (but not always) or part of the ceiling falls in.

We are highly trained and know where to look and we are well versed in the application of the high tech moisture meters and sensors that will tell us for certain if you have any invisible water damage no matter how little it is. We can then attend to it before it develops into an expensive repair. Are you getting an occasional musty smell? Don’t wait any longer. You can call us any time to arrange a visit to check your home for possible moisture build-up.

Natural Disasters and Floods

Catastrophes like a serious flood either from water mains or natural disasters can be quickly identified and appropriate action taken to minimise losses. But, even then, you will be surprised at how many people take the DIY road and end up losing 10 times more than they should have.

Water Damage Insurance Cover

Most home and business owners have an inexpensive insurance policy that may or may not cover the costs associated with water damage and the process of water damage restoration. While a common cause of residential water damage is often caused by heavy or constant rain seeping into the building followed by plumbing failures and negligence by the home owner, insurance policies cover most of this. But when it comes to natural disasters, you are urged to discuss this with your insurance company or broker just so you are aware of what you are protected against.

Water Damage Services are an approved licensed business with trained technicians and a 24/7 ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle).

We attend to all water damage problems such as;

  • Removing wet carpets
  • Water extraction
  • Drying carpets and rugs
  • Drying carpet underlay
  • Drying floors – wooden and concrete
  • Drying walls and wall cavities
  • Room dehumidifiers
  • Industrial air movers (speed dry carpets, floors and walls)
  • Mould remediation
  • Water damage restoration
  • Moisture level testing
If you have experienced and form of water damage, we have the team, we have the experience, we have the equipment to fix the lot!

Here's the regions we service from North to South for water damage

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