Wine – Coffee – Pet Urine – Blood – Tomato Juice – Softdrinks – Grass – Lipstick – Paint

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We know how to safely and effectively remove or remedy any stain in your carpet.

Carpet stains are a part of everybody’s life and can be extremely frustrating. Regardless of how hard we try to protect our carpets and rugs from spills and stain-causing fluids, materials and debris, it seems that stains in carpet are just inevitable. But the good news is, you don’t have to live with a stained carpet.

While some of the most common stains are also among the most stubborn, there are various options and strategies that you can take for removing them. It is human nature for us to attempt to get stuck in and commence the cleaning process with those supermarket spray bottles of every magic cleaner ever invented. But the reality is, when it comes to carpets and rugs, you have a very high percentage chance of making the problem worse.

In many cases it depends very much on your carpet composition and colour but there are some stains that require the least efforts to remove such as those caused by dirt, mud, clear coloured fluids, etc.

However, there are some stains that can escalate with incorrect cleaning procedures and will need more care such as;

Tomato SauceBlood
Pet AccidentsTomato Juice
GrassSoft Drinks
Stains From Furniture FeetHot Cocoa
Permanent MarkerMould
Chewing GumInk (Pen/Cartridge)


Mud & Dirt

Did you know that 48% of all carpet cleaning is triggered by common reasons? The most common is understandably mud and dirt which account for 25% of carpet cleaning occasions. It starts when residents and guests enter the home so the best option to help minimise this problem is to request all people to remove footwear at the door and also invest in some good door rugs that will remove dirt and mud from footwear. One outside the door and one internal one just inside the entranceway.


We like to keep our pets close and many live inside more often than outside and all too often they mistake your carpet for a litter box or patch of grass. This accounts for 22% of carpet cleaning customers getting their carpets professionally cleaned due to pet stains.

These are one of the toughest stains for carpets because of the different chemicals contained within pet urine which include urea, uric acid and sodium. The effect of these chemicals is that they cause the urine to decompose very slowly. Uric acid is the most damaging chemical in cat urine because it has a half-life of six years and will continue to damage your carpets for many years if nothing is done about it.

But removing the stain is not the end of it! Your pets’ urine also contains hormones which let them know where “their favourite spot” is. Provided that odour that only the pet can smell remains in the carpet or rug, they will continue to release urine in the same spot and cause ongoing damage to your carpets, underlay and sub-floors. You need a professional to completely clean your carpets and rugs after any pet urine accidents.


Don’t we just love ‘em? Most of us have kids, have had kids, or at least experienced living in the same house as kids and know that keeping a house clean is an ongoing battle. Once a child gets a hold of anything messy, odds are, it’s going to end up on the floor. You may be surprised how often we get called out to remove chewing gum and it’s associated stain in the carpet. This creates a hard, crusty stain which without the correct chemicals and process, will definitely damage a carpet when remoaval is attempted.

This is not unique to any one home but its occurrence is all too regular and your carpet gets the worst end of the deal. The stains gradually get more intense and the longer they are left, the harder the larger the stain removal task becomes. Sometimes it gets so bad you might think your carpet is done for but a professional carpet stain removal technician work wonders and hopefully bring your carpets and rugs back to their original state.


Despite all your efforts to avoid the inevitable, parties are one of the most stain-prone events a home could ever be exposed to. Once you elevate beyond the dinner party soiree, just the foot traffic can do a great deal of damage to your carpet. The stains caused by dirt that has been brought into the home no matter the amount, will be seen in the high-traffic areas such as the main hallway and at the front door.

It is an interesting statistic that 23% of home-owners get their carpets cleaned before the holidays. But then have numerous gatherings and parties. Maybe it’s worth considering having stains removed and carpets cleaned after the holiday periods and parties?

Once the party starts and guests are enjoying their favourite beverages is when the ‘stain alarm’ starts to sound off. Out of all alcohol, wine is the one you certainly do not want landing on your carpet, but at parties, a wine spill is quite on the cards. Wine stains, especially red wine carpet stains, need the attention of a professional stain removal technician to be cleaned properly.

There are many that believe such stains can be handled by themselves but that is often a poor decision. It really is imperative to hire a professional to get rid of those stains to maintain the durability of your carpet and save irreparable damages. It is often the case that the more home-owners try to deal with a stain by themselves, the worse the stain becomes.

We offer to knock tough stains out of carpets, rugs, and upholstery for good using safe and effective stain removal products and processes learnt through training and years of experience. If we come across a stain that can’t be removed with our last deep steam clean, we have another option which is a chemical heat transfer stain removal process.

We can’t guarantee to remove every stain but we have a reputation of removing stains that other carpet cleaning companies have given up on.

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