Carpet Drying

Do you think that you can dry carpets that have been subjected to a considerable soaking by mopping up with towels? If you do, you are advised to reconsider that thought because I am here to tell you that without the correct equipment and knowledge, you cannot dry wet carpets!
I am not talking about a spilt glass of water or even a pot of water. Whilst you need to spend time to ensure you completely dry not only the top side, but the underside as well. For anything more substantial than that, call in the professionals. You can try to do it yourself but after many hours of effort you will come to realise you are not getting anywhere. In addition to wasted efforts, time has now gone by … time which is crucial to the successful restoration of your wet carpets.
Any carpets or rugs that are left wet will deteriorate rapidly. This means more time is required in the drying and restoration process. The quicker you call in professional carpet drying people, the quicker they can be restored and the less cost to you.
When drying carpets, it is the area size affected by any flood damage that will determine the process. But in 90% of the time at least one edge of the carpet will need to be lifted to allow the air movers/blowers to get a constant flow of air underneath the carpet. It is pointless for you to attempt this yourself unless you have the carpet drying equipment and the knowledge.
Apart from the wet carpet there are other factors to consider in the drying process such as underlay, sub-floor, skirting boards, lower section of walls, wall cavities and mould growth wherever moisture has reached. Only experienced professionals together with correct detection equipment will be able to determine what action needs to be taken to avoid any long term or structural damage.
The sooner you act, the less it will cost.

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