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We know how to safely and effectively remove or remedy any water stain on any surface.

Smaller water spillages like a glass or cup spill that are attended to quickly will not stain. But if the carpet is not totally dried, including the underside, a stain will develop on the underside that could eventually reach the top side of your carpet. So, take extra care to dry the carpet completely. But if you spill something anything other than water on your carpet, rug or upholstery don’t panic, just call the professionals. History and experience clearly shows that we have a better chance of removing stains than a genuine DIY attempt.

How To Remove Old Water Stains From Carpet

Don’t know how to remove old water stains from carpet? Although water is used for cleaning activities, it can also have the opposite effect and leave unpleasant stains. A common example is of water spilling on the carpet and not cleaning it up immediately. The carpet will sustain brown stains resulting from the water absorbing dirt on the carpet and then bringing it to surface as a mud. Such stains can be annoying, but there are tips below on how you can completely get rid of the stains. Let’s take a look at some of the methods of removing the stains from your carpet.

If you have a relatively small stain and you’re looking for a way on how to remove old water stains from carpet yourself, you can create your own cleaning solutions using water and detergent or vinegar and water. But before you start, you can make a call to us just to ensure you are doing the right thing. If it is a small job we would prefer for you to do it bit we would also prefer you have the correct products and knowledge before you start. We do not charge you for this service.

Method One – Use of Water and Detergent

1.       Take a cup of water and put it in a clean spray bottle. Add half teaspoon of a mild dishwashing detergent. Leave it for a minute or two and let the detergent absorb in water. You will get a foamy solution which is powerful enough to work on the area and loosen the carpet stains.

2.       Spray your foamy mixture on a non-abrasive piece of cloth. Ensure that you do not oversaturate the piece of cloth as that could worsen your problem by giving you a carpet drying task as well.

3.       Using the piece of cloth, dab on the stained area. Do it gently but rapidly. Keep doing until you see the stain starting to break up. Turn the cloth over now and use the dry side to remove the already broken stain compounds. Note that you should not rub the stain, even lightly, as that could spread it onto a large area of the carpet and will also extend your job. Keep dabbing until the stain totally disappears.

4.       Take out a different, clean, soft cloth and dampen it with clean water. This is to be used to dab on the carpet again to remove any detergents that might have been left behind. You can also use a spray bottle and spray the affected area with clean water and dab with a dry cloth.

5.       And the last step you need to do is this one, carpet drying. You can achieve this by placing paper towels on the cleaned area and put some heavy object on the towels. Leave them there for up to eight hours, and your carpets will be dry and provided you have followed these instructions, the stains will be gone.

This is just one of the most common ways to clean water stains. There are many others that involve vinegar, bi-carb and soda water. But the one above is the best safe and most effective method to use when learning how to remove old water stains on your carpet quickly. But there is always a downside and if you have a wool carpet the bad news is, more often than not these water mark stains can be impossible to remove using DIY methods in any wool carpets if left long enough due to the cellulose having migrated from the backing permanently changing the colour of the carpet.

If you find yourself in a situation whereby your water stain is just too big for a DIY and you need additional help, you can reach out to us. Remember, your carpet’s cleanliness plays a vital role in determining the general cleanliness and overall appearance of your house.


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