Engage the quality driven services offered by the water damage experts of Brisbane


FLOOD AND WATER DAMAGE SERVICES has come up with latest water damage restoration services for both Residential and Commercial damage, accidental damage and natural disaster situations. These three types of damage solutions offer complete protection against carpet flood damage, together with mould removal and bacterial growth protection all through a host of specialised water damage treatments.

Sub categories of these are provided below-

Commercial Damage Solutions-

  1. Commercial / Industrial
  2. High Pressure Water Cleans
  3. Water Stains
  4. Mildew and mould Removal
  5. Dehumidifiers
  6. High volume Rapid Dryers
  7. Burst Pipes

Accidental Damage Solutions-

  1. Home & Residential
  2. Wet Carpet
  3. Carpet Stains
  4. Mildew and mold Removal
  5. Carpet Spotting
  6. Total Carpet Restoration
  7. Burst pipes

Natural Disaster Solutions-

  1. Emergency Flood Response
  2. Storm Damage
  3. Rain Damage
  4. High Pressure Cleaning
  5. Mold Removal
  6. Residential or Commercial
  7. Broken Water Mains

Details of each service can be checked by contact via phone or using the online form. In case of emergency, direct calls can be made to the hotline.

About the company:

FLOOD AND WATER DAMAGE SERVICES are one of the few water damaged carpet experts of Brisbane who offer 100 percent money back guarantee for their cleaning and drying services. Operating mainly through their online portal, this carpet drying company of Brisbane announces several claims supporting its wide range of services. Their trained and licensed professionals are certified to Australian standards for water damage procedures. This has made them top performing water damage experts. Equipment used for mould removal in Brisbane and carpet water damage treatments are of high quality. Rather, their huge and high power grade mount equipment are so well suited in dealing with moulds, moisture effected places and bacteria governed areas; in comparison to their portable counterparts that they deliver unbelievable results. Queenslanders simply do not believe how their houses could get restored within hours of their specialised treatments. Apart from offering solutions on common flood upshot like how to dry wet carpets, they also deliver high quality service in stain removal, deodorising and sanitising of carpets and upholstery. Taking care of flooded places and flooded carpets through a series of treatments with heavy machinery has become their standard business practice. While their dedicated wet carpets solution in Brisbane have gained them popularity, their quality drying and money back guarantee has gone a step ahead in giving them recognition as one of the leading water damage service providers. Their 24/7 quick service in times of emergency has acclaimed them more honour and popularity.

Make the best use of Water Damage Services for any sort of flood in Brisbane
With a host of services for all kind of water damages in Brisbane to your home, the Water Damage Services team comes as your preferred choice. From bacteria removal, mould remediation, carpet or carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and water stain removal to carpet drying in Brisbane and floor drying, Water Damage Services fulfill your expectations completely. As any damages incurred due to water overflows is a very common cause of the household damages, one may need a one stop solution to be prepared for such water damages. For when the carpet damages occurred from bath and/or sink overflows, or rain comes in through an open window that you were unaware of, Water Damage Services arrives with its many skilled technicians to assess the extent of the problem and determine how the damage can be fixed. If one gets affected by water stain, there is no need to worry as the technicians of Water Damage Services are there to restore it back to its former condition. Depending on whether the stain is recent or has been there for a long time; the stains can still be removed, provided you use the services of a licensed professional. Their best qualified experts analyze the problem and approach it to achieve the best available option for same. For mould removal in Brisbane, Water Damage Services offers a quick response to rid one’s home or business of mould or bacteria which has been formed from this event.

In the case of carpet water damage, the water seeps through the flooring as well and it needs to be dried whether the floor is concrete or timber. One’s floor will be dried to the customers’ complete satisfaction before the carpets get re-laid or changed. The many skilled professionals are available 24x7 for any kind of emergency that may occur. They are open seven days a week and extensively answer the calls to analyze the water damage and minimise the devastation from the flood.


Water Damage Services guarantee their clients cleaning and drying process with a 100% money back plan. Supported by fully trained licensed technicians as well as experienced assistants, the company gives you a perfect solution to all kinds of water damage restoration. The company uses the high-powered and top quality equipment for faster drying and deeper cleaning. It charges nothing for sanitising and deodorising after drying the carpets. Savings can be obvious when the drying is done professionally resulting in your carpets and flooring having an extended lifetime. Anyone interested to hire the services of Water Damage Services, can give a call today on 0407 808 009 for professional advice and service.

Accidental Damage

  • Home & Residential
  • Wet Carpet
  • Carpet Stains
  • Mildew Removal
  • Carpet Spotting
  • Total Carpet Restoration

Natural Disaster

  • Emergency Flood Response
  • Storm Damage
  • Rain Damage
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Mold Removal
  • Residential or Commercial

Commercial Damage

  • Commercial / Industrial
  • High Pressure Water Cleans
  • Water Stains
  • Mildew Removal
  • Dehumidifiers
  • High volume Rapid Dryers